Sunday 10:30AM | Calhoun Christian School | 20 Woodrow Ave S, Battle Creek, MI 49015

Connect City Church In A Nut Shell

Years ago, the front porch is where people, families and a neighborhood would spend their down time on. Why? To drink lemonade and connect. Neighbors, streets, subdivisions and the entire city would wave to each other and connect on the front porch. Now, the back deck or patio is where it's at. What is "it"? "It" is personal time, whether you're on your own or have a family, "it" is time to take a break from the world around you.

While personal down time is needed and important, we are created for relationships. We are created to connect with God and others on a regular basis. At 3C, our first priority is to help our city do this! That means we’re not about a building or some complicated religious system, but about helping people live the life of faith Jesus calls all of us to live.

Connect with God and others | Commit to His Kingdom and the local church | Carry His love to the city

God's promise in the Bible is that if we seek after Him, we’ll find Him (Matthew 6:33). You matter to God, are loved by God and can be used by God. It is His deep desire to connect with you. So come and join us as we pursue God together!