Outreach and Missions


Sunday 10:30AM | Calhoun Christian School | 20 Woodrow Ave S, Battle Creek, MI 49015

Connect The City | Outreach and Benevolence

We believe that connecting with people from all walks of life outside of the church walls is vital. This includes people that come to us as well as us (the church) going to them. The life of faith Jesus calls us to live requires personal sacrifice, obedience, generosity and fruit. Our time, talent and tithe goes to doing this! Different ways to Connect The City include:

Giving financially to CTC so we can

  • provide for the needs that walk in our doors (gas, groceries, etc.)
  • meet needs in the community
  • offer events like family nights so people can relax and connect with each other
  • run a vendor table at "The World's Largest Breakfast Table" where we pass out hundreds of free cotton candy cones
  • host a Christmas party for Japanese families that have moved here for a few years for work

Your time and talent can always be given to many of these elements and more to Connect The City for Jesus!

Project 7 | Haiti

Project 7 is a ministry of New Reality International. NRI started and runs a home for children who are from extreme poverty-stricken families, or who are orphans. Project 7 encourages people to pray seven times a week for the kids, give a minimum of $7/week to the ministry (98% of the funds go to the kids and what is needed to provide for them!) and tell seven other people about Project 7. The people of 3C have pledged prayer and financial support for the kids of Haiti. The awesome vision of Project 7 and NRI is to raise these Haitian kids so that they can be a blessing and add to their country as citizens!